Gms - What do we do?
Gms - What do we do?

Grounds Maintenance with a focus on nature 

Taking care of the environment is really important to us at Gms. Where possible we have reduced the use of herbicide, preferring to use brushing as a way to remove moss and the manual removal of weeds wherever possible.  


Hedge cutting, manual or tractor-mounted, is done with birds at the forefront of our thinking, whereby we check hedges visually prior to any works to ensure that there are no nesting birds or live nests.  If birds or fledglings are discovered when removing ivy from properties, the works will stop and the nesting spot re-covered until the birds abandon the nest site. As you can see below all works stopped once this nest was discovered in machinery and it was left undisturbed for three clutches.


When undertaking site clearance or even just leaf clearance, particular attention is paid to sites where hedgehogs may be resting or hibernating, and again these areas are left undisturbed.




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